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An original comedy from the 90s:, With a director who is a professor at UNL And a professors daughter The directors student and a professor as well The directors wife And the directors daughter The storys director The director The director The director and the wife The director, The directors daughter.

You kill one of themYou dont even care if you get away with it. The pair of you wont be seen in public ever again and if you even get out of this with your lives, your actions will be praised enough in the movies and well just keep on doing it. You lunge at the man, but you feel an arm go around your neck, pushing you to the ground. The other man just smiles and steps over the dead woman and steps on your chest, breaking the bones in your neck and sending you to the floor. This is the kind of thing that happens when you let the girls in here fuck you. T waste any time in getting up and walking out of the studio, out of the town and out of the whole damn country. As you try to hold on to the thought of the woman you just killed, the pair of you begin to enter the town of Nuevo Vallarta. S a big town, but there are a lot of beautiful women walking around. S carrying is very realistic looking, even though it looks like a plastic revolver. Ll be fucking dead before you even get through my front door. M gonna just lay down and let myself get killed for some fucking cause. S about to get within reach, she is shot by another man riding his bike. The woman falls to the ground, screaming in agony, and the man who just shot her rides off. The pair of you are both taken into custody, and the woman tells you that it was a well-orchestrated hit from beginning.

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