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Its about time we started getting some real info about the effects that drugssuicidality have on people. As with most things in your life, what is important is what you do with your time. So you can be as productive as possible, spend as much time as possible with your family. Sorry to wait so long, Ill try to be brief. We dont see too many of these types of cases anymore, but I remember back when Id see one or two a month, you wouldnt see them anymore. Youre a good man, and I believe in the future well be able to help each other. With that out of the way the two of you get to talking. You and your psychiatrist get along surprisingly well even after all these years. He asks your name for the record and you tell him. He looks you up and down and gives you something to remember him by. Im glad you felt that way, its a shame that my brother never got to meet you You say. Im going to miss our time together. Blake laughs and tells you that while hes sad to see him go, hes glad he could do good work. Nick is gone now, and Blakes head is filled with memories. He has many ideas about how he wants to help people in the future when his time here is done, but now hell enjoy his retirement. You both have reached the end of your rope and hes going to go out in a blaze of glory. Youll be too old when hes done with his final job. You get in your old car and drive to the hospital. Youre a little worried about how the day is going to go, but as you drive you think back to your brother and what he wanted to do. That was the reason he became a psychiatrist, to help people. Not much has changed since then and youll be doing the same thing. Eventually you arrive at the hospital and there is a large crowd of people waiting for you, including everyone you were going to see. They all know your brother Nick. When you arrive, you walk up to the group and start to talk to everyone.

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