SultanBeauty and the Beast is a 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film directed by …

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In-between the horse and horse rides, there, there, there, there, there. Youre not giving me something to protect yourself with. You must think Im a complete idiot. You walk around the mansion, picking up a flower vase on the way. The last thing you remember was going to the pool. You find yourself to be very happy, but not really able to think about it right now. You cant remember what exactly you were doing there, but its obviously not necessary right now. You walk down the hallways and open the door to the dining room. You head to the kitchen to check the fridge, and see that the food has been left there. A good idea, now you must figure out how to cook something. Its amazing how just knowing what to do can make you feel better. You make a hamburgerYouve made a sandwich, and put it in the microwave for a bit to reheat. Youre not even hungry, you dont understand how you could think about food right now other than how it makes you feel. Youve made a sandwich, and put it in the microwave for a bit to reheat. You make lunch for dinner and eat while walking around the mansion You make dinnerAs you finish making dinner and go upstairs, you notice that most of the mansion is empty, you remember that Belle was with you and the rest were supposed to be with her too. You think back on your last few hours with her and wonder where she is. You go upstairs to look, but find her body on the floor not twenty feet away from where youre standing. When you look, and see her body is still there. As you look around the room, you find that most of it is empty. You find yourself in a room thats almost completely empty except for a table, chair, a lamp and.

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