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The Sunburst Beauty Pageant: A Very Unique and Fun Pageant for Babies and Children is located in Sunburst on the last Saturday of each month. The pageant is a non-profit organization funded by sponsors, with the help of volunteers. The beauty pageant takes place inside Sunburst, the largest store in Sunburst, the Sunburst Beauty Pageant is a community event for the community. During the pageant, you would get to meet and chat with the other participants and the competitors. You might even win some fabulous prizes. Plus you might even meet some of the babies and children that you see at the pageant. You have so much fun, you might even get married with a few of those lovely bridesmaids you see dressed in pretty dresses. You make your decisionI want to be a Sunburst Beauty Pageant Mom. You decide to run the beauty pageantSunburst Beauty Pageant Mom. You exclaim and run up to your room, grabbing the first beauty pageant book you see and flipping through it with excitement. Im not sure if Im ready to compete, so I dont think I should, you sigh, flipping the pages of the book and finding a few pages on the makeup and hair care. I think that you could do a fine job of it. You cant tell me what to do with my life. You sighYou sigh and head back to your room. You decide youre never going to be Sunburst Beauty Pageant Mom so youll just concentrate on the pageantry until your mind gets lazy and allows you to not care about anything anymore. Your Mom is your Mom, and thats all you have to worry about. You head back downstairs and start unpacking the last of your things. After unpacking everything from the trailer youre ready to head out. After unpacking your things, you notice a note on your refrigerator. It reads:Dear Mommy, its been a long, hard day at work so I wont be able to pick you up for your ride to Sunburst. If not, you can catch the bus at the next stop. You head back to the trailer and close the door. You sit down on the sofa, and you start feeling very sad. You put your hands to your eyes and wipe them with your sleeve.

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