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They were in the greatest adventure theyd ever dine on. He goes on to say that she is the princess youre looking for and that she will be in a good mood so you will get a reward. Of course you decline since you have other matters to take care of. You decide to go back to the office where you have to deal with the matter at hand. You wander down the hallways and into a room where you see a man talking to a young girl that looks to be about your age. They are both dressed in strange clothing, one is dressed in red pajamas, the other in a green dress. You see that the man is talking to her about a fairy tale, she responds by telling him everything, much to his pleasure. You now know that the girl is indeed your daughter as per the fairy tale your dad spoke of. You try to speak to her, but she just tells you to go to sleep. This is obviously very frustrating as you try to do something to get her to open her eyes. Finally she notices you and the two of you are arguing. You continue the storyWell, you cant really expect your daughter to be totally stupid, you decide you should just continue the story and see what happens. You tell her that the father was trying to get the princess, but her father was getting in the way. Eventually the father lost his patience and killed the prince and was trying to kill you. You wake up the girl you woke up earlier and tell her what happened. She seems to understand that you need her to be there during the next adventure. You continue the adventureYou decide that you need to be really careful, as you start to go up and down the stairs. You feel the little princess looking up at you and start laughing at her, thinking she is going to eat you. Then the father appears and chases you down the staircase. You think that you see the end to this adventure when the father chases you out of the house and into the.

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