T Pebble Beach Pro-Am will host all sorts of stars from Bill …

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T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is planning and running T Pebble in the Game. You wait and help build up the communityYou wait around for a few more hours and then you decide to help out. It does indeed turn out great and now youre getting more attention from all the stars. They think youre one of the cool kids because they know you arent just some regular person, youre one of them. Hey dude, I want to be a pro game, what game are you going to be a pro for. Im going to be a pro game, its like the big game in the Olympics but people will actually pay money to do it. You really wanted to be a pro sports person for a while. You actually wanted to be a pro gamer for a while. However, you think they are a little too serious for you. You think maybe a pro game is the way to go. You walk to the line and when you get to the front, you see a sign saying its for the pro game. You sign up for it because you think maybe youre just over exaggerating a little. The game is pro game and you and your group of friends are going to be the first pro gamers ever to compete against pros. You know that someone like you or Matt Smith is going to be competing so youre pretty sure this is going to be something to remember for years to come. You are walking out onto the field with 20,000 fans cheering at you. You look around and see all the famous people from the worlds most famous TV shows. You also see a whole lot of other people you arent really aware of and you cant think of anything to say, so you just go with the flow. As time passes you start getting nervous. You just need to give your best every game and this is going to be like any other game. The nerves start to get to you and you start to get shaky. The crowd is starting to get to you as well, it gets loud and you start to feel a little nervous. You even get a few boos at times. As the last minutes tick by, it starts getting really exciting and the crowd is just in it for the experience. You start to get a little anxious again, you start to lose the crowd slightly and you even get a few Why are you even on the field. You get nervous enough that you fall to the ground a few times and start screaming at.

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