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MB,456789,90, A week after the shooting, when the bodies still havent been found. Just before midnight on the night of the shooting, your mom wakes you up and yells: We have to leave; we heard the shots outside. You dont really sleep that well and are tired all over, so you dont really have much to say to her. Ok, I wont sleep too much more. Your mom leaves the room and you fall back onto the soft couch and fall asleep, dreaming of the past: shooting victims in a mall parking lot, the moment you got pregnant, the first time you fucked her, all the fun times she had with you. The shooting has already happened, at least in your town. A couple guys on a moped shoot at people and their cars. They didnt hit anyone at the shopping center, but its not like they wanted to, they did it because it was convenient. Its going to be hard to get out of these clothes. Itll be ok, stay with me mom, Ill make it. I just need a little bit more time. She hangs up and says to you, We should call the police. All the shit youve seen, heard and imagined. You dont even feel the need to go back to sleep, you just lie there in a daze for a long time. You call the policeYou call the police, and in a fit of desperation you say: Police. Yes, it was my mom on the phone, I think the mall where we work is being attacked. We should call the police, you answer. The police man on the other end speaks back: Thank you for calling the Police. So the police show up a few minutes after you called them. You think the whole world has ended by that time. All the cops do is go check a malls parking lot though, they dont seem to be investigating the mall itself.

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