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You open the door to the Beauty Box and see a large, brightly illuminated room. A man dressed in a black suit and tie stands in front of several brightly lit beauty boxes, each containing a different type of woman. Each box is labeled with a single letter of the alphabet, such as A, B, C, etc. You ask, surprised to see so many different options. You click one of the boxes you do not recognize, but recognize as a womanYou click A at the Beauty Box labeled Ava. As the door opens, you see a woman of medium height, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. You think she is probably in her mid to late twenties, and you note her large, breasts. You note a tattoo on her chest, also of the letters A, but it is smaller than her large breasts. My name is Ava, and as you can see I have a lot to choose from, I just came in here to take a walk. Ava says as she walks over to a door and pulls it open slightly, revealing more boxes. You click the womens boxes, which show pictures of a closer levelYou click the boxes labelled B and C. The woman stands next to a long table piled with various foods. You notice the woman is not wearing any clothes. You click BYou click B, and you see a woman in a red dress standing with a man in a black suit, You are not sure of his race, but you think he is in his late to mid fifties The woman has brown hair and green eyes, and has a long face with a long nose. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. You are unsure how to respond to this, and Nick seems to be staring at you. You try to ask the man your question. You give your name to NickYou give your name to Nick, and he shakes your hand. You give your name to the manThe man shakes your hand, smiles, and says My name.

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