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M surprised the both of you made it this far. You and Diana have been having fun for some time now. M getting the impression you probably would have otherwise. T stay in this little place any longer. Ve been having over the past several weeks or months. T imagine being part of such a fun filled group for so long and then suddenly having to part ways all of a sudden. S been manipulating and using us all along. You think the Zalan Empire has anything to do with all this. Ve been sending agents here and ordering the production of coin to help fund their army. Ve been doing this to us for decades now. They had their own coinage back in their day. It was one of the reasons why they were so heavily war-boned during the long period of chaos in the years just prior their fall. They could have easily maintained their currency with just regular coinage alone. T as they were getting ready to open up their own centralized nation state just a few decades later. I mean how many billions of coin could they have made selling them all to the Zalan Empire. S not like they had much to begin with. Diana continues to talk and you continue to not look at her.

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