Telling me off Scarlette Douglas brother Stuart gives insight into show Flipping Fast

A Place in the Sun guests tell Scarlette property isn't right

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Scarlette Douglas, 32, has had a very successful career in presenting, being most known for her work on Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun. Her brother Stuart Douglas, 44, is a retired professional football player and bought his first property at the age of 19. Along with George Clark, the pair are the faces of Channel 4’s new property show Flipping Fast and have spoken exclusively to about their sibling working dynamic.

I would say more telling offs!

Stuart Douglas

The show is planned to come to Channel 4 soon, with many fans of the presenting siblings eager to watch the show. asked Stuart if Scarlette helped him with any presenting tips for Flipping Fast.

He said: “Well you say tips I would say more telling offs. She had a habit of telling me off and telling me what I am not and perhaps what I am doing correctly.

“The dynamic of our relationship is generally because we are siblings and it hasn’t changed, it’s always been like this.

“We love one another, our families are very close. So we can probably say things to each other that other presenters couldn’t.”

He continued: “But when you watch the show you will see that I did get told off and you’ll understand that’s it, that’s our reality.

“We do work well together but we are very competitive, that’s for sure.”

Flipping Fast will follow six teams from across the UK who think they have what it takes to make it as big time entrepreneurs.

The budding developers will each be given a whopping £100,000 investment to kickstart their business, competing against each other to see who can make the most profit from property in just 12 months.

The competitors will receive advice from George, Scarlette and Stuart, but they will only be able to get the chance to find out how the others are doing when each property listing goes live.

As well as getting to keep their profits, the winner gets a cash prize of £100,000.

The presenting siblings have a history in properties with Scarlette buying her first house at just 24.

From there she became an award-winning television presenter with A Place in the Sun and since has helped on many property shows.

These include being a regular presenter on BBC’s The One Show as well as presenting her own Channel 4 show Holiday Secrets: Is Last Minute Best?

She is also currently filming her brand new 16-part series My Dream Derelict in the Sun, which is set to air in 2023.

Stuart, meanwhile, has been nominated Best Debut Presenter at the New Voice Awards 2022 after not working in the presenting industry very long.

After buying a converted factory in 1999 and refurbishing the place, Stuart realised he had a passion for properties.

It was a catalyst for him to buy and develop in the locations of the football clubs he played for.

With Scarlette’s candid input, he developed and sold numerous properties which assisted his progression into the world of broadcast.

Brand new property show Flipping Fast is coming to Channel 4 soon

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