That celebrity endorsements strengthen a companys overall competitive effort …

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Re true that promoting a brand name to a higher level is a good approach to marketing to a broader demographic. By all means, promote your brand name, but at what cost. What if your brand name ends up being just more of the same. S many knock off Zoid design names. Ve had to learn the hard way that even the best of intentions to create an image of a good corporate citizen can be rendered a little more problematic with the wrong kind of public relations, however the Zoid Corporation did not have that kind of public relations problem and their reputation has never suffered because of it. Is it any wonder that the Zoid Corporation is one of the most successful companies in the history of the universe despite all the competition they face on a daily basis. Is it better to just quit all this publicity and just focus on your craft, or should you attempt to take advantage of an industry that is on the verge of being completely transformed into a mass consuming consumer product. In fact, if you are so powerful that you can just make things that people want to buy, you might even start to think about the possibility of making money out of selling these things yourself. Ll put out the best that I can, and will continue to do so with more power as time goes by. S not my call whether this goes well or not. M just going to say it one more time; please do not cancel your orders of the Zoid Ragnor. You watch as a few customers leave and some walk away. You know that at least a few of them were going to get their Zoid, but now you wonder if this is even the best thing to do. T cancel their orders, but will they buy anything else. Will they continue to buy from other manufacturers who have nothing to do with your brand. Perhaps you will become a victim of your own successful marketing tactics. If the Zoid Company has it right in how they think about these things, you.

Article about One of the benefits of contracting with celebrities to endorse the company’s brand of athletic