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But today today, the celebrities were not here to celebrate. The beautiful women of the world were here to play but this is not their game. AnonymousYou look at the photo and the picture of her, and then you look at the portrait of her, and wonder where exactly in the world the portrait is. The name of the painting is Till Death Do Us Party, the title of the novel shes most famous for. The portrait is actually of the late, great Virginia Woolf, who wouldve turned 109 on January 16 The only thing you can say for sure is that this isnt Woolfs. The first time you remember seeing a photo of Woolf in The New York Times Book Review, it was on Ma, and she was in her thirties and looking younger than she is now. You dont remember it being published anywhere else, but there were some vague reports that it was at The New Yorker, or Harpers, or someone else. You cant think of the title because youre too overwhelmed by guilt. Or maybe shes the legendary The One Where the Man Lived the Life of a Showman. No, it wasnt that one You didnt even realize you were looking at her when you glanced at the photo of this girl in a similar pose. This girl in the portrait is so out of time that you have to look up and around to see her. The face is right, the lips are right, but the rest of the body and torso are wrong. Theyre not just standing on the toes, either. And thats not even counting their toes. Theyre not even just standing on their heels. Theyre standing on their heels, with their feet almost touching the ground. Of course, it was so long ago that you dont remember where youre at or how you got here. You remember that you were in a bookstore, but it doesnt make any difference. Wherever you are, youre alone, and that means you cant contact anyone else. All you know is that youre here alone, and that youre standing in a room in the office of a person whos going to be very angry when he sees you. The person probably wont even see you as a person, or as a person at all. Theyll see you as just another product to be bought and sold. What has to be done is to forget everything and remember only your task. You have to turn yourself into a photo that will be so bad that no one will actually buy anything.

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