The Beast is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney …

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You are not sure if you still have all of your questions answered after the barrage, No really, the barrage but after some time has passed it is apparent that you are now in the presence of a great being far greater than the average human. The Beasts appearance is that of an attractive man in his early 30s wearing simple clothing with a large, muscular body that is covered in animal-like scars, while his face is covered in several long, strange growths. Despite the fact that the Beast is still somewhat in shock, he does nothing but shake off the rest of the questions you are asking him. And then just as suddenly, you find your tongue bitten out from the inside of your mouth. The Beast approaches you, pulling on his long, bloody teeth. I will be generous and allow you some of my blood so that you may feel it more. You agree to drinkI will gladly drink a portion of the beasts blood, you say. He walks over to where you are sitting in a chair and begins to pull out a fist-sized wad of blood. I will feed on your heart, but only if you do as I say, he says. The Beast places the blood-wad in your hand, then steps toward you and you are all of a sudden struck with an ungodly pain. The beasts hands move into your mind and grab a particularly strong memory, pulling out portions of it on the spot and biting deep into your mind.

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