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A familiar voice from your body echoes back your words. S your wife sitting in the sofa with a smile on her face. T really been thinking too much about it. Well anyway, I was just wondering; how do you live. Your wife continues to say happy thoughts while her two other spouses nod in agreement. Then suddenly you feel a tugging sensation on your body.

He cannot continue in this way on his current job. Youre not sure if you should help Han Se-gye, who seems a little too friendly, or if you should leave him to his own devices. You help Seo Do-jaeYou decide to help Han Se-gye by offering to fix his car. The rest of the movie goes a lot smoother for you and the two of you have a great time. The next day, you get a call from Han Se-gye. D rather me not be the one to drive you. S just that I wanted you to be in a more friendly role. S looking for a way to reinvent himself and this movie is the best way I think I can do it. T want all the bad parts of your life to be associated with me. You leave HanYou get really mad about the situation and you go out and find Seo Do-jae. Han Se-gye says and leaves without speaking to you. You hang up and go back to your job in relative peace. S got more fun now that he has a car to drive around on. You also meet someone new in your job, a young girl named Choi Sung.

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