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You also have the opportunity to be part of the beauty industry at this school. You and your fellow classmates have to work together and stay positive with each other in order to achieve the greatest results. Weve all been there, youve just got one of those days and you cant help but let your guard down, well at least you think you can, but then your guard slips a little and you let your heart get to you. You feel so incredibly filthy after a shower that you take a long hard look in the mirror and see a dirty, dirty fucking whore. You feel like you need this, this dirty, miserable body and the filth that has been allowed to grow inside it, you really, really need it. You get yourself a fucking boyfriendYouve got to get yourself a proper man, you cant do it on your own, and that is where your relationship with Bobby comes in. You decide to go out drinking one night with him, because while you havent forgotten about him, you just find yourself not really feeling the spark with him anymore. Youre a bit embarrassed actually and he doesnt judge in the least. In fact he tells you all about how hes really going to settle down with a woman. I mean youre not ready for that life yet right. Fuck no, Im getting married and Im not waiting months, YEARS to be with my future husband, no Im getting married right now. Well youre only just now starting to make that step so I figure its a good thing. Youre on your honeymoon, Bobby has already told you what the wedding will be like and you both know youll have to do it as a family so that everyone can be a little closer to the groom and wife. You like the idea of having to take the bus, you like the idea of sitting in a church for a day, you like the idea of a wedding cake. With Bobby being in such a hurry to get married, he forgets to tell you that youre to stay at his house until the wedding day. When you get home, you find a surprise waiting for you. You get on the bed and close your eyes, you can feel Bobbys cock pushing into you as you focus on him, feeling him sliding into you, your pussy clenching around him as he pounds you. You feel your orgasm come and go as you let go of everything and just let him fuck you. As it soon becomes clear that your body cant handle another orgasm, Bobby stops and pulls out of you and gets off the bed. He looks at you with tears running down his face as he runs to grab.

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