The Enchanted Rose is a mystical flower from the 1991 Disney animated film, Beauty …

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A new collection of pink toys comes in the package. A package that comes with pink products: a collection of pink toys, a new collection: a new collectionI mean, I dont like pink. Well okay, Im probably going to stick to the black and gray of this collection. After all, they arent really calling it the Enchanted Black collection, are they. The Enchanted Ennie Award, This collection is available at Toys R Us. I figured youd just like the pink, right. This is a black-and-gray line that you know, sort of looks like a mix between the old Iron Man and the new Iron Man. I mean, they actually call it a Black Armor line. I think they should have just called it Black Armor. The figures come with all of the accessories youd want, and all of them are dressed up to look like the villains from the film. So, if they dont look like those guys, theyre certainly going to look like they do. I did, however, notice that they werent really showing any of these on the box or the packaging. It was more of a mystery that I just couldnt figure out. I guess I just need to wait for the film, which Im sure will get here soon. I mean, theres the figures themselves, and a few of the accessories. And a few of those figures are based on characters from The Little Mermaid, so maybe that will be the one that catches my fancy. But, I suppose Disney will be trying to do some more of this, and I cant see them stopping now. This seems like it might be a good time to stop. I think the only good option I have left for me now is to wait. What if I wait until after they release the next one. This could get out of hand if I had all of these figures. Wait until after the new Beauty and the Beast film comes out.

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