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New Hampshire has an astronomical wealthy business community which invests in the future. This community is the same one that gives us the advantage. Entertainment New Hampshire may be one of the smallest states in the union, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in people. Gain advantage in New Hampshire, gain advantage. And the final line might be the oddest one in this whole rant. This place doesnt really mean anything to you. Maybe you just dont need the people you get here. Maybe thats why youre still living in New Jersey. Youre just not a person that cares about other people. You get the impression you might have heard this one before, so you take a deep breath and ask. Um, do you guys sell cigarettes. Hes a bit of a chubby guy with a ratty shirt and slovenly clothes. He looks more like an addict than a businessman. Yeah, you can get a pack of cigarettes for one dollar. You cant believe this job interview is even taking place. You try to keep your voice level, but its not easy. Were not big tobacco, we just. Hes stumbling and talking out of the side of his mouth for a momentwere a distributor.

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