The following is a list of notable Korean Americans, including original immigrants …

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This is the part where you just sit and stare at the wall. This part is pretty much the same for everyone, but I feel its important to mention what we dont do and what you can do when approaching it. First off, dont say you are from Korea when you arent. You probably dont have to tell any of us that you dont exactly look like a model but I believe us K-A fans would go batshit crazy if you had told us you are from Korea. If we get to know that you arent from Korea, we dont give a shit and just move right in as if you were. Second off, I would probably also suggest that you dont say you are an actor when you arent. Thats not a bad thing, but its pretty obvious that you are a big celebrity to us. You might be on that level to us, but we are also big celebrities and we are not going to lie to people. If you were a real movie star, or even a musician we almost wouldnt even have to lie to you and youd see the truth much quicker. Well just say you are a Korean American actor. You can probably get in the door much quicker than that though. We can get married in the middle of an interview. The third thing you can try is just saying you are a movie buff when you arent. We dont mind that, but we arent movie buffs. If you want to claim to being one, we will.

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