The genesis of Beauty Collection was our founders dream, combined with …

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T say another word, you just nod and start looking around the warehouse for a more quiet and secluded place to get your business done. You see a door at the back which you take out a small key from your pocket and open it up. S opening is like a breath of fresh air after all the noise going on in the warehouse. Once inside its like walking into a different dimension. Re a little put off by the fact some of them are on their knees in front of you, but you soon get used to it. Re feeling to put their thoughts and effort into their craft. You wonder how long you can continue to keep this up for without causing problems. Re really quiet when you approach them. You start to laugh a little and then speak up. T stop right away though, you take all the time you need. You get to work on your business and you also get to go to them for advice. If they start getting into trouble or falling short of their ideals, so much the better. D do it if you had them all the time. T do without such as making better bookcases and shelving.

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