The Greatest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories of All Time…

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Hollywood: Celebrities Conspiracies and Hollywood, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies, and Pop-Culture in Pop. Culture and Entertainment industry Mark Dice on Amazon. The people that run Hollywood, the Illuminati, are running the show and everyone else is just a tool in their hands. You grab your tickets to the show and head upstairs where you find an open area with a couple of tables scattered around. You see a girl at a table laughing her head off at some movie poster. You sit down and order your beer from the beer vendor and begin to think. After about 20 minutes you start to feel a little buzzy and begin to hear voices in your head. You keep this to a minimum, For the next five hours, you sit there thinking and talking to yourself as most people do. You continue to try and block out the voices, but it only makes you feel better and better and better. Eventually you are able to ignore them completely and continue your beer drinking. You are not used to doing this, but you decide that you are feeling extremely lucky right now so you will indulge in a little bit of free entertainment. The voices begin to get louder and louder and suddenly you find yourself inside a bright light. You fall to the ground and begin losing your senses as you experience things you could only ever imagine. Things that should have never been allowed to happen.

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