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You dont say anythingI wont say anything, for the same reason as the celebrities that you mentioned earlier. You cant put yourself in danger, and you dont want to put me in danger. You sit back and relax, but you still feel uncomfortable. You think of all the times when you felt uncomfortable after meeting another alien. You think of the times that you felt uncomfortable with the various humans that youve met thus far. It occurs to you that youre about to be thrown into a world that you know nothing about. You look at the television screen, where the hosts begin discussing some of the things that everyone was talking about. Some of them are talking about the new world order that the aliens are imposing on earth, or some conspiracy theories that they think the aliens might be planning. And that brings us to this show that were featuring tonight, the host says. Everyone, meet Justin Bieber, the worlds most popular alien. Were going to ask you simple questions about celebrities that youve met, and try to find out how you feel about them. Well be playing music, and were going to get to the questions as soon as were through. A big smile spreads across Justins face. My name is Jake and Ive met a lot of celebrities, but Ive never seen a celebrity before. Ive heard about some of your songs, but nothing about you. Youll see me on screen, he says. All of a sudden you feel very uncomfortable. After the hosts continue to do their stuff, the camera cuts back to you. The screen is one big screen, so this means that youre now in the living room. Now then, Justin, I believe its time that you met, if only to see how youre going to answer our questions. He walks over to you, with his hands behind his back. Im going to ask you some really simple questions, and youre just going to have to tell me whether you like them or not. You look up at him as you slowly nod your head. Now, were going to go back to the music for a minute. Were going to find some music from our collection, because I think youll enjoy the answers that you get from our collection. Now, Im going to turn your TV on, so we can watch the answers come in. The lights around you go out, and the screen in front.

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