The new beauty and the beast

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ReviewsEmma Watson at an event for Beauty and the Beast, 2017, Emma Wat. You see her at an event for Beauty and the Beast. You ask her if shes ready to go. Oh just some of the new songs she says. She puts a bunch of her pretty hair in her braids and puts on her heels. Yes Im readyWell look at this, theres an enchanted forest, it seems like it would be fun to go exploring it. She takes her phone from her back pocket. You let her stay homeNo, Im not going. I feel awkward with you around me she says. You look at her as she walks out of sight and the door closes. You get on the bus and start to say goodbye to friends when you hear some noise outside. You look out the window and see Emma with a huge bear trap. Sorry, I just thought youd be more fun when you were playing with me, and I was right she says. As she starts to raise the trap, you run towards her and stop her. This is just a really fun thing that I wanted to do and I didnt mean to scare you. After a week of waiting and planning you finally have everything you need. You have to pick and choose what youre going to take. The idea isnt just to buy a lot of stuff for yourself, there.

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