The pair famously donated all the money Hello Magazine paid for …

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You sit in your vehicle and tell him everything about your upcoming trip to Hawaii and where it is. You smile and tell him about your trip to Hawaii, and the trip after that. Your feelings toward the place, and about the people that inhabit it. The only dangerous part of the trip is driving on the island of Oahu where you must obey all the speed limit laws and road safety regulations. In some places there are no speed limits at all and in other places there are far too many. Re happy with your decision to donate all the money you were given to Hello Magazine. A couple of weeks after you arrive in Oahu, you get a call from your brother. M pretty sure you look awful. Re in such a bad mood I was prepared to believe you were the one that was leaving. S not going to accept your defeat. T quite believe you accepted all the money. I know you have a lot to deal with right now. Ve been making a living out of screwing over people for years and.

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