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You see the desert, fading into the distance. You look around, and find yourself under a large dome. This voice belongs to a large figure, standing in the middle of the desert, looking at you. S tall, almost as tall as you are, which is enough to be very intimidating, if you were to be entirely objective about it. The huge figure, wearing a long white robe, and with a long beard, is looking at you with fear in its eyes. The figure in white, named Tanya, is holding a sword, pointing it at you with an air of authority. Do not worry, my child, for I am sure that you do not wish this. You say, before she raises her sword, and steps forward, slashing your throat open. I do not know why she came here, but I am glad she did. The necromancer says, as a pair of glowing blue hands pick up your corpse, and begin to carry it to a smaller urn-like pedestal. Before you can do anything, you look up, and see a pair of bright red eyes staring at you, as she stands over you. You know what you could do to me. You could make me my bitch of a sister. I know you enjoy your time toying with my mind. She steps into the air, before you can even react, and lands on your head. You fall to the ground, as she begins to slowly walk on your back.

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