The sleeping beauty

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Well, I think you have a better idea as I do not see the need for me to change my mind on this matter. After a couple of hours of waiting, the sun begins to rise. You head outside and down to the waters edge to take a small dip in an attempt to cool off. You look to your left, and see a man with long black hair and a beard dressed in a blue duffle coat and a hat. You quickly spin around and take aim at him, but hes already in motion. Im not going anywhere, you say. I came here so that I could talk to you. Now that Im seeing you standing here, I can tell youre very lucky to be standing here right now. You tell him about Ral and his plansThis all started when I heard about your father. Well not exactly, the man says, but he was certainly a criminal who was never convicted of any crime. He was a prolific one that was, though, and a very dangerous one at that. Youre probably aware that he was one of the two people who killed your mother and stole your inheritance before killing herself. He killed a man and took his wifes wealth. When he was arrested, he lied to a judge, claiming that hed only killed two men, both of whom were thieves. He was a criminal, but he wasnt a dangerous one, and he wouldnt have been so if it werent for me and your father, the man who raised and trained you. The three of us managed to turn him into a good person, one who was a hero to a village. We didnt want to do it, of course, and we never would have done it if the other two people werent Ral and Gloom. If theyd turned him bad, he would have died a long time ago. He never told me their names, and I didnt ask. But I do know they were two of the three who turned him into a monster that he was. You cant even begin to imagine the harm they did to him. Why wont he tell me the truth. The man looks down for a few moments, before his eyes.

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