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Beauty is as Beauty: as the, said cannot betaken When she was five the,bad boy got hold of her, she had to give in. Belphegor had to get himself out of trouble. T know what to do, so he gave her the rose. The rose symbolizes love and loved her so much. The Beast is a mysterious being who is a big meanie to everybody, especially to Belle. This story can be seen as an allegory about the evils and horrors of humanity, and how true love can be the strongest of all. It can also be read as a tribute to romantic love. You have a responsibility to live up to the legend and help me save this town. You have a choice; either you kill the Beast or you pass this book on to the next generation. I know you love your family and want this to be a happy ending for them. Youre right to want to save a happy ending for them. But if you keep this book by your bedside, you will die with a shadow of a shadow on your soul of a shadow. And this dark night of the soul will take you to a place where you will hear no laughter, and you will no longer feel no warmth. I suggest that you do NOT keep this book by your bedside. If you do, I cannot guarantee your happiness. A husband or wife, you will guide them into a full life, filled with pleasure and contentment. For then, their shadows wont be of a dark shade. I know it will be a blessing for them to have you be their shadow. Belle has no choice but to give the book to you. Heres your book, you say, handing it to her. She runs to kiss you as you put your arm around her. Im so happy my mommy loves you.

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