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You want to be a Film MakerYou, or rather the more famous you become, want to be a writer, you want to produce your own films, make films for other filmmakers and maybe even make television and movies in the future. You dont think twice about it, you think you can get the credits and help yourself as a writer and become the independent film maker you always wanted to be. This isnt going to provide the money you want for a decent film maker, although it will make the production cost cheaper, so you might lose interest in the course and just get a cheap film made, one that you and your friends can watch and not learn anything. The only thing you might get from these courses as youre not looking to become an accountant to be able to afford to go to a film studio to spend months and months editing your films, but you are looking to make sure you can afford your dreams. A lot of people get this idea at some point, but youre a bit too young at the moment and dont have the money. You think in the FutureYoure still too young to think about the future, itll be too much for you. Spend your money to get a film degree to get the credit and money for a film maker job. Spend your money to spend more time learning about Film Making and Film Making History in general. Spend your money to spend on getting an internship at a Film studio, or to go to a Film Institute, or to get into a Film School and attend a Film school and learn about the Film industry. Buy and rent a cheap and cheerful Movie Studios and film sets. Or at least you cant blame the studio owner for making as much profit as possible. What you want to do:You want to spend as little time as possible on courses and taking the most expensive courses. You want to learn as much as the time allows. So you are going to:1: Have a go at becoming a film maker You choose to take courses to get credit to get a Film maker job, but most of courses on.

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