There is beauty in simplicity and there is strength …

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In the modern world, the less you define yourself by the things you have, the more you will be able to focus on, and appreciate, the things you do. Simplicity makes us rich in spirit more than most other aspects of our lives. Simplicity isnt just a good thing, it also makes us happy. Focusing on the important things in life will always lead to joy. If you want to live, youll need to be simple and to be alive. The more we take, and the more we define ourselves by, the less we will actually have. The more we are defined by, the less powerful we become. The more we do, the more we think, and the more we care. The less we are able to do, andor define ourselves by, the more we will feel contentment and even a sense of calmness. If you want to live a great life, you need to be simple and to act by nature. If you dont do anything by nature and only do by convention, youll always be a slave to the world and a slave to the things you own, the more you own, the more you will be able to do. Its very important to know how to be master of one thing and slave of another. If you have to say, Im the master, how can you ever be at ease. You will never know the true tranquility of not having to think about that thought. If you want to live a great life, you need to be simple and to live in the moment. The more you take, the less you have, the less you can. The more you can take, the more you will appreciate what you do have and the more you will have great joy. The lack of joy will make people live in frustration, the more they are satisfied with what they have, the more they will become resentful, angry, and depressed and the more they will act in ways contrary to the truth, to nature. If they are satisfied, they will not see the necessity of doing anything more than they naturally do. If they are unhappy, the cause will not be their own choice but the circumstances. The more you live by simplicity, the happier you will be, the greater your sense of joy will be. When you are happy, your mind will be clear, your spirit will be light, your body will be strong, and your spirit will be at its true potential.

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