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A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE MOSTLY JUST MOSTLY GOING TO CHICAGO, SINCE ITS THE MOST POPULAR CITY AND EVERYONE BELIEVES THATS WHERE THE REAL ACTION IS. Its not like you dont have other choices. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of this site. Its been a damn long time, and we can think of a few reasons for that including:We were in the middle of a heated war with Iraq at the time, so a lot of other newsworthy events had come to a halt or even stalled out altogether. Our government was in a state of constant political upheaval at that time. The fall of the first president in a popular revolution, a Republican controlled Congress with a Democrat in the White House, two warlords in the White House and the collapse of the Social Security program. In the years between the election of a new President a lot of the big questions were asked by the American people. While we were in the middle of all this shit, our fans were busy writing some fan fiction about everything. There have been a number of changes to the site in the decade weve been running it since then, but theres not been a whole heck of a lot to report except for a few things we did get wrong. Weve also started to get into the business of getting fan fiction written about us. If you have written about The Avengers, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go. Or any other of the other popular comic book, movie, and TV series out there, let us know about it. Oh, and if youre working on a story about us, dont forget to put in the occasional little reference in there about our comic book characters or movies. As for our new site, were still in the process of fixing it up, so.

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