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TheProjectsYou CurrentlyWorkOn are One forMusiciansand One forMusiciansFamily.

And with that, you have a few good ideas on how to do just that. You start brainstorming a few ideas to try out. S a beautiful woman in a short little dress. Re definitely not used to seeing her like this. S got beautiful deep green eyes, long, dark black hair, and a very pretty face. S no beauty or pretty face either. The living room itself has a single sofa and two chairs. S another man sitting on the other one. The woman sitting in the other chair looks to be the mother. Ve been introduced to your new neighbors, I believe I should introduce myself. M not quite as timey-wimey as when I was introduced here. Well, I was just wondering if you could help me find my mom. In fact I have a little surprise for you to show off to her. Ve got some sort of time machine. Well, no, but I can definitely help you find where you were when you first left home. M going to go back in time as well, so I can take you both back to where you grew up. Remember, the key to my house is on my dresser. S go see if we can get there. S something I really need to take care of first. Julie grabs a piece of paper from her dresser and hands it to you.

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