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You stay insideAhh, the good old times. What a perfect combination of sweet bread and salty salty meat. The best combination of sweet bread and salty salty meat with something that tastes like sweet cake. A combination of sweet bread and salty salty meat.

The question is: Will you want to be like them, or will you want to be like them now. The Worlds Worst BossThe world is a horrible place. There are so many people who want to hurt me. You say to yourself as you go about your life trying to avoid real work. You live in a shack in the backyard of a random trailer park and do all of your work at your desk. S not a bad life; it even brings in some extra money. You figure you can make your way through school with this life. While you live it, you see everything through rose-colored glasses. Re still thinking about those stupid people. But it gets worse, it gets really bad for you. Your family was all killed in some horrible car accident a few years ago. S friends because it was the only place you knew of that was accepting you back into this world. Re always on edge about where you might end up living now because you know that it can only be bad. You live alone in a trailer park and eventually the situation gets too bad. You end up breaking down and begging for food. D have a lot to sell to buy some things that you need to keep you alive. When the truck driver comes back to take the trailer load back to the compound, he finds you lying on the floor and begging for food and water. The brother comes into the trailer and you give them what you can. They start wrapping you up and bring you back to the compound. You, they realize that you might have a broken arm and say they have to call a doctor. The brother comes back with a doctor and you have to go to the hospital right away.

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