These female celebrities have dealt with their fair share of body-shaming and now …

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If only more of these women would just let go of their negative thoughts and start embracing their sexy bodies. You realize how much youve talked about these issues in the past and you decide youve had enough. You talk to your sisterAfter that talk with your sister, you feel like youre ready to talk to her about her feelings about her looks too. Since you both live in the same city, you decide to do it in person. You get a text from your sister while youre getting another drink. Hey, so youre coming to my party again. You tell her you areYes, I am. Hm, I didnt expect you to, but Ive been meaning to tell you. Im not in a good place right now with how I feel about what I look like. Your sister has been going around saying shes in a better place too, but shes lying. She hasnt really been in any sort of relationship in two years. Even when you first moved in together, she was still single. You tell her about the text and how you laughed because you knew she was still in the dark about your feelings. I have to get up early tomorrow to pick up my sister, then we need to get ready for the party, but I dont know what time it is. When you left last time, you said you were leaving that night and didnt want to bother you. In all seriousness though, our family gets out of town a lot. Your sister gets excited at that and tells you how the parties are going to be at random locations and in strange places. Me, of course, and then there will be some friends we invited this time. You both laugh when she says she said she was going to do the group thing with you that night. You walk into the bathroom to take a quick shower and when you come back out, your sister has left. When you go back into the room to check on her, she doesnt answer your knock, so you head to the kitchen to talk to your brother about it. So did you tell her you were coming home early. I did, not exactly sure what to tell her though, because I was kind of feeling down about it. Well I was feeling like Im not good enough for you and I kind of feel.

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