These women werent afraid to chop their locks…

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These 15 15 Celebrities Are the Most Important Including Gwyneth Paltrow. If you can be as beautiful as Gwyneth Paltrow then you can be as important and as beautiful as a 20th century picture of a beautiful woman. You shave your headShaving a bald head was not the best idea you ever had. You were a kid, probably only 9, but you already hated the idea of being bald. When you were around 5, you had a friend who was a little older. She was the first person you had ever seen shave their head. When she shaved her head, her face scrunched up and she looked really sad. Then, around 10 years old, you had seen the movie The Breakfast Club. You were fascinated by the movie and watched it again and again. Then, when you were about 14 years old, you had seen a picture on your cell phone of a girl with a shaved head. She was also really beautiful, and you wondered why no one had ever shaved their head or dressed like her. Then, when you were about 18 years old, Gwen Stefani had shaved her head. You liked Gwen and you had watched her hair being shaved, but in between the times you had been sitting in class or doing something else when something had come over you and you had suddenly thought:How could I ever be a woman if I didnt shave my head. You were a man who loved to be a woman, so you shaved your head and you wore clothes made from a womens clothing pattern. A white shirt and a black skirt that was a little too short for you, and a red bow in your hair. You were a woman who loved to wear clothes made from a mens clothing pattern because it was easier. You spent a lot of time crying, not just because of the idea of being a woman, but because I had thought it was a bad idea. The best you could do was make an effort to smile and say something nice to everyone you met. You felt like you were pretending to be a person who should not exist, and it was so confusing to you that you couldnt even enjoy being a woman. You wanted to be in the world, but you were so far away, the world seemed so far away. After all the time, you had spent on this, you thought about it and finally gave up and got down on your knees and begged God to just let you.

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