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The magazine opens up in front of a picture of you and a headline reads, THE WORLDS BEST-EARNING ACTORS – IN THE SIXTH FORM. Next to this are two pictures of you and an older man who appears to be your father with the caption, THE WORLDS BEST-EARNING ACTORS – IN THEIR FORMER LIVING ROOMS. Yeah, I remember when I was little and used to play all the time with my brothers. The magazine then switches to another picture of your mother. M sure that we can all use the extra money. S been going well, but I suppose I am learning better each time I do it. T get to do it as much as I would like to. S mostly just me and my older brother doing it for fun. S good to take a break from the singing when the family gets together. I mean the children do so well with other things as well. Ll always be able to sing when you want to though.

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