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RelatedPosted in UncategorizedA lot of people have asked me what my approach to the game is, so here is the skinny. Im not much of a player, I dont have many games going on and when I do its typically against bots as I need a challenge to actually enjoy any game. I do however have a good knowledge of a few key units and spells in the game which helps me make a decision when I do get to play against normal human players. The other key thing about my approach is that I tend to focus on the economy of my opponent for the most part and rarely do I go in for the attack myself. I like the idea of attacking the main line of your opponents defense and getting a head start on something that will be easier to do in the future when you are in a better position again. However there is a limit to what can be achieved with a few workers and the more you go into the attack, the harder and harder it is to get back out again. This is especially true with the new mutating units that are available, so unless you are playing on a really early game map with no choke points, youre going to have to attack eventually to kill off your opponent. Another thing I tend to do to make my life a little easier is to keep in mind that Im going to lose workers to a lot of my opponents workers in the long run too, so I need to be as careful with my hatcheries as I am with my hatcheries, making sure I dont have more than 2 or 3 workers on each one at a time if possible. This approach of mine has gotten me a couple of victories against my opponents, but the real difficulty lies in keeping them from crushing me in the long run. You wait for them to get good, then you strikeIn the long run, you will get crushed no matter what you do. You get good first, then you can winThe first few days of the game are always the toughest for new players. You still have a long ways to go before you are a good player and its going to take a lot of practice before you will be able to win against better players. Even on those days when you do win, you dont tend to get much reward for it, as most of your victories are against bots or on maps you dont have a particularly good idea of how to play on. Even when you manage to get at least one worker up on each of your hatcheries, you still have a long way to go before your opponent can do the same on theirs and have the same advantage. As such, you still dont feel like youre making much of a difference and you decide that it would be better.

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