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In support the National Day of Prayer by conducting prayer services in the community and visiting homes to pray. The most interesting thing about my family, aside from my brother, is my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law was the first person to propose to me when we were already married and we were still living in Georgia, which, coincidentally, was also the state where I first met my wife, which is also where I met my current wife. Shes about seven years older than I am now. A couple of days after she proposed I found out about a new state law that said that marriages could only be performed if one of the spouses was a certain ethnic group. I thought that this might be something really important so my sister-in-law had me call the state department to see what the legal implications would be. I dont see why she cant marry the person with whom shes most compatible. The law states that the only acceptable marriages will be between spouses of the same race. Yeah, well if this law is going to be applied to us, which I dont believe it is, I would prefer that my sister-in-law and myself marry. In your opinion, then, can my sister-in-law marry the person with whom she most compatible. I would like you to check with the governor of Georgia. John, I dont know if theres any political will to change this kind of controversial law. However, if our family is going to be affected by this law, I will make sure that the governor will take this into consideration and change this kind of law. My sister-in-law decided that she didnt want to live in an ever more discriminatory state. We were in the process of buying a house together and my wife and I made a list of all the requirements we were going to need as to how the house is going to feel and look like. When it came time to buy a car, we made the same list. I suppose what I most regret is not being able to move with my family to another state. We lived in Georgia for the past 11 years and we could have left if we wanted to. Our home was never fully prepared for moving out of our house and now its becoming an even bigger issue that we didnt anticipate. We were told that we have about a week to pack. We dont have any more time to spare. If we dont pack this week, then the list of things.

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