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Download movieThis week, we have a new episode of the Podcast, as well as a brand new guest. Welcome to the first of a series of interviews with artists, designers, developers and others in the video game industry. As a new segment this month, we have a guest on to discuss their work. Each interview will be a short talk with some of the people behind the games. Our guest for this months interview is an artist currently working on a game being created by Dontnod Entertainment. Meet David Kanaga, artist working on Vampyr, a first-person action game from Dontnod Entertainment, the creative team behind Vampyr. I was very little and I didnt have too many memories about my time with video games, but one memory I have is of playing a RPG on the NES when it was released, something like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy Type-0. Where did your love for video games come from. I always had a fascination with all things gaming. I think my initial introduction to games came through the arcade games that I used to play in the house, and which I still have I had very little money, so I would mostly buy the games for the rarer ones. I probably fell into a similar age group with the same people that played these game, the typical gamers of my youth. As I grew older I moved on to a few games that I really enjoyed and played them in a serious way, but I didnt really start developing an appreciation for games as a medium until I had financial independence and could play more games without having to go out and get new games. When did you discover and discover your love of art and design. Ive always liked video games and I think I found an outlet for it through the RPG games that I played as a kid. It was only a few years later when I had some money saved up that I found out that I could actually make my own games. I was a late bloomer, I guess, that was around when I made my first game as an art student. I think that I discovered my design love in my junior year of college, when I started working on an original game called The Lost Legacy. It was an RPG about a girl who was left behind in some ruins by her friends, there were some zombies in there ruins, how she met someone to bring her back and the story of how that came to be. It was a short and simple game, but I had a lot of fun making it and I remember feeling a little bit of pressure with how I was going to do it for my art college classes. I dont usually plan out my games before.

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