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You exclaim and begin to take the last of your drinks out of the bottle. Suddenly a shadow appears and shivers before you. You barely have time to look at the figure before it disappears into thin air. T see Josh anymore, but you certainly see a guy in drag. S about your height and looks just as disheveled. S obviously not here to visit or anything, but then where would that guy be. S into being a woman for some reason. Re going to have to do a little detective work yourself. T be so suspicious during your visit with Sally. After showering you head down to the basement where Sally is currently located. You also notice that her nails are painted a bright pink. Oh thank you, thank you so much. Is there somewhere I can be where nobody can get me. T exactly go back, but I could take you with me. You could be my little girl now. I did go back to the moon, but it worked. T want to lose again as many times as I have.

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