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S shown, a screen pops up from the top of the screen. This is the screen that gives you a connection to your date that you have just had. This screen also shows your date of birth at the bottom of the screen and a message in a box beneath this screen: You received a connection to this person, in real time You received a connection connection to that person right away. You received a connection to that person later on in the game. You cant wait to see your date of birth. Ve been waiting a very long time for this moment. M not just another superficial Leo. You go to the top of the screen and click on your date of birth. A page comes up from the screen, showing you the date of birth of your date. S shown with a little white border around it, as if by accident The date of birth is yours. You begin to feel a little uneasy about your date of birth. T afford to make a complete fool of yourself right now. You need to be cautious so you begin to read the information screen.

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