This lush take on the classic fairy tale follows a merchants brave and beautiful …

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Cats are a popular pet in the Dorna Kingdom, though in recent years their population has dwindled dramatically. Youre hired to put down a particularly troublesome group of them, but instead you learn that there are a lot more of them than there are humans in the area. They all have been bred, but there are still a lot of them that werent bred. Youve been hired on as a killer for one of the Dornan monarchs, and youre here to kill these unfertilized, unfemales so the rest of the land will be safe from the threat of them and your own immortality will be secure. In the Catacombs of the Lost KingThe last time you were here, you were trapped in an ancient tomb, this time, youre stuck in a catacomb. Its cold, narrow and gloomy, and theres not much light that way. You step out of the doorway leading to the catacombs, and find something you never expected. There is a dead man, naked except for a pair of leather pants, lying on a table. From his lifeless body you can make out the shape of a man, though his face is twisted and his eyes are closed. One of his hands is clutching a sword, and the other is clenched around a scimitar, which he seems to be struggling to unsheathe. The man is the last one in this place, who had gone mad from the stress of living in a place that is his only connection to the outside world. You stare at the corpse for a moment, and realize that youre not exactly in a position to act. This is a place where the dead live, and this one is so decrepit its impossible to tell if hes dead or not. It doesnt take much for you to realize that youve wasted your time just now and there is little point going any further, you just stand there, staring at this body. You step back out in the main hall of the catacomb, and its now just you and this corpse, the dead king of some forgotten castle. The corpse stares at you, its scimitar and sword still clutched in its hand. You stare at the corpse, and youve found that this is the first time youve ever said a proper word. The words are dry, but the idea is there in your mind. A small smile forms on the face of the corpse, causing you to chuckle.

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