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Now if only these girls on campus could have seen the things Timberland brand sportswear comes with, they would have to become Timberland brand sportswear forever. Its been months since youve seen a store that sells cell phone chargers, but thankfully you stumble upon one. When you try to return the charger, the shopkeeper calls out, No, you cant return it. Youre not so sure they would refuse to accept it. So you take it from their owner and set off back to campus. When you get back you try to return it to the store, as well as other things. Its not as if the shop owners dont know the company theyre selling from. While youre going through the items, you notice a small item tucked away in a corner. You dont usually bring a wallet, but its a small item and its in the way. You put your hands through your hair and head off to one side. You take a deeper breath, then you walk right back in. You find yourself in a small room with two other men. The first looks pretty young and wears Timberlands signature hooded sweatshirt. The second has long hair and wears Timberland sneakers. The person is much older, but you know its you from the Timberland logo. They say life imitates an old joke. Youre the guy who brought back the Timberland brand. We can take them, theyre not too expensive, I think we can even use them at home. You walk on, and when you feel the need to recharge on your iPhone, you can see youre in a familiar area. Where do you normally head off to at the park. The boy who runs the store looks a bit uneasy. Well yeah, but its not like its empty. Theyre all around here, plus theres plenty of bathrooms in here. Yeah, I have to say Im amazed you have this store. Its got all the best things like the newest phones, the most comfortable clothes and the best in technology. You walk into the front door and find yourself in a mall environment. You walk around a bit and notice that the shopping.

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