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John the Other: Ohhh, so you are a regular person. But Im afraid theres just no way we, re the same person, any more than your time-travelling self is the same guy you were last week. You tell the truth, and youre a time-travelling celebrityIts true you are a time-traveller. You arent a time-traveller, youre not anything at all. You deny it entirelyYou: I am not a time-traveller, and I never have been. John the Other: Well, you might be lying. You could very well be part of that secret conspiracy. I have a secret, special photo of you with another time-traveller. You admit to being part of the conspiracyYou: YES I AM PART OF THE CONSPIRACY. You: Youre not the only one, theres another secret photo here, another, whos secret is that I was a time-traveller, too. You deny there being a secret conspiracyYou: I am not a time-traveller, and I never have been. You deny the other being a time-travellerYou: I am a time-traveller, but NO I AM NOT A SECRET CONSPIRATOR. Okay, Im sorry, but the rest of you are a secret conspiracy to stop me from being with my special someone. If I dont stop you, all of my lives are forfeit. John the Other: So youll just make me a secret time-traveller. I wouldnt get all teary-eyed over a time-traveling celebrity like.

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