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Chst, mein Teufel, eine meinen Schatzheit zu machen. Methinks, you are the only truly beautiful beingIm ever likely to meet. You are the one entity that I could care about or could possibly want to live forever just with the mere thought of you. I mean, if I didnt, what would I be doing right now. At this point you both kiss, and you feel her body quiver against yours. M aware is due to my beauty, and you owe me you services. You really think I could ever do anything for you. D be a poor husband and father if that were the case. D be better off if you took up the mantle of mother and were a better nurturer for my children. Besides, I know a few other sisters of mine that would like to be more involved with their children than I have been. Would you consider taking on some of their roles too. Ve in my hopes to give you a child. S a lot better than the average one I knew. Re putting this idea out into the universe, you have the strong urge to go hug.

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