Tom Brady Reveals Son Jack Raided His Closet After Catching Heat With Pic of Him Kissing Son Ben

Recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback faced intense backlash after he shared a photo of him kissing his son Benjamin while they’re enjoying a pool day.

AceShowbizTom Brady offers a closer look at his family after sparking controversy with the very close bond between him and his kids. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has revealed that his son Jack raided his closet after facing backlash over a photo of him kissing his other son, Benjamin.

In the latest episode of his SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go!”, the 45-year-old NFL star revealed that Jack, whom he shares with ex Bridget Moynahan, is already borrowing his clothes. “He’s starting to wear my shoes,” the doting dad said.

“He went into my closet the other night because he was going out with his cousins and he was like, ‘Dad, can I see what’s in your closet to wear?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, s**t, he’s going to start wearing my clothes,’ ” Tom further shared. He then recalled, “I did that with my dad, too, so maybe that’s a little bit of a young man’s rite of passage, going to dad’s closet and start using his stuff.”

The confession came after Tom sparked debate on social media with a series of sweet photos with her son Ben, whom he shares with ex Gisele Bundchen. The first snapshot saw Ben sitting on his lap as they lounged by the pool, while the second one showed him giving the 13-year-old boy a kiss on the back of his head while sporting a huge grin.

Upon learning of the photos, some online critics wondered why Tom did that. “As an active father, there is certain games we don’t play. There should be no reason his grown a** son should be sitting in between his legs and he’s kissing him on the back of his neck. As if his wife doing witchcraft before his games isn’t weird enough..,” one person opined. Another noted, “Nahhhh he a little too old for that.”

Others, in the meantime, defended Tom’s affection for his kids. “That’s because a lot of dadless men are jealous out here. Sad you can’t appreciate a father being affectionate to his son. This is what some of your kids need then they wouldn’t be growing up robing and disrespecting people,” one fan argued, with another pointing out, “The only weird thing is you guys sexualizing this and making it more than it is. Y’all creepy.”

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