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T really looking for some sort of job or a place to live, but you were just happy to be away from home. S not like there was anything remotely exciting or exciting like you were expecting. Ll probably have more of a hard time adjusting and probably feel a lot more lonely than she will now. T imagine a home life like that is going to be all that easy for her. S still very surprised of what you told her, but she seems to be feeling a lot better about HUB and even a little hopeful that maybe things are going to be better than they were right now. Re happy to have you now, the more time you spend with her the more unsure you become of the situation, and the more you think about staying home and spending your time hanging out with the rest of the gang, After all is said and done you actually do find the time to go to school with the rest of the gang and the bus is actually a lot less crowded than it was yesterday when you left. Re back home, the rest, and you, have been wondering if this new HUB place has at least improved things for the rest of the town. You even hear some cheers from the crowd when the teacher gets on the bus. When the teacher boards up the front windows, you can see a few parents and a couple of girls with their heads down looking in as well. Re feeling a little apprehensive about this new place. Re hiding something or just being extra cautious.

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