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When you arrive at the check-out, you find that one of the booths is already full and the attendant is already handing out cards to the customers. You see no point in waiting so decide to enter the booth with the least of delays. Your eyes have never been more focused on a woman as they are now. You continue to waitThe girl continues to grin at you. T have enough money in your pocket to buy anything so you ask for a second cart. Re handed a cart and told to move to the front of the line. You see that people are standing at one end of the store, waiting to be served by a cashier, while another group was standing in front of you, not far behind, patiently waiting their turn as well. You are now among a small crowd, about the size of a football field. When you get to the front of the line, an older woman, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, approaches you. Are you here to buy some peanut butter cups. S probably one of the first ones to come in. You say and go back to the checkout area. After some searching, you settle upon a bunch of cotton balls. I wish there were something like these in my size. You say to the cashier while they type something into a computer screen.

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