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Ll feel good to have this out of your system. You can also go and get some answers about your past. Maybe even see your sister and brother again. S left of me except a svelked, lying sack of shit. So, are you ready to start this new life. M really fucking sick of fucking around right now. You tell your story for a few minutes. Eventually you finish and you look at Angela and just stand there a moment. After a few moments of silence, Angela asks you a question. You begin explaining your past to Angela. S a little different than the last one, but not too much. Ve always gone by the name of the game character you played in a fantasy world. You tell her about when you first came out to your parents, how you had to lie and pretend you were sick for a month until your mother finally figured it out. T sick, it was always creeping you out. You tell her about the few days you spent alone in your basement after your parents left your mom, how you found yourself going back to that.

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