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You smile, as you feel your whole body relax, and you take a deep breath. Thank you you say, and begin to walk towards the door. The waitress appears, Would you like another round. Sure you say, and leave the restaurant, Goodbye. You say, as you turn around, and head towards the door, and out the door. You stand at the bar, staring at the customers inside. You notice a woman in a dress, staring at you. As she sits down, her eyes flicker towards you. Im Sarah she says, I like the idea of you, and your work. The fact that she has chosen to give you this answer, shows how much she respects you, and wants to work with you. It shows how much she likes the idea of you, and would like to help you. I hope you do you say, If you get stuck, or something goes wrong, tell me. You spend several hours with Sarah, and the three of you enjoy each others company. You drink, talk, and have a good time, until one evening. Im going to bed Sarah says, Goodnight You say GoodnightYou nod, and nod goodnight, before leaving the bar. Sarah, looks at the bar, Im not a whore, asshole. You cant help but say, Im sorrySarah waves you goodbye, and she heads into the night, Goodnight, as she leaves you. You feel your chest slowly getting heavier, as you walk down the street. You walk along, for some time, thinking about how hard it is to fall asleep each night. At one point, you walk up to the front door, and knock. You enter, and find yourself in a large, clean, room. The men in the room are dressed in lab coats and glasses. They quickly walk around the room, checking various devices as they speak. Its like a computer, but its not running programs. You know, if you have a few million files, you could be pretty large.

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