Tricoci University is an accredited beauty school offering cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and nail …

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The program is run like this: you have to complete certain requirements that, after youre done with them, the program will either approve your application to be a student there, or just give you a VIP card to a school of your choice. Heres a listing of the things:You need to take 10th grade in the United StatesYou need to have a 3. 0 grade point averageYou need to have at least a 30 in your high school class averageYou need to have taken 3 or more AP classes by the end of the school year, but not U. History, You need to have scored a 6 on the SAT Subject TestYou need to have done at least 5 hours of community service during your high school yearYou need to have had at least one parent or legal guardianYou need to have passed a written examYou need to have taken a vocational or technical skill test such as a welding or auto mechanic courseYou need to have done volunteer work for at least 1 half hour a week in high school. The thing is, at this point, you dont even know if the program is going to approve your application or not. You know that you must have your first interview with the program to get into the academy, so you head out to go see if they had anything for you. You make an appointment for tomorrow at the school, since youre not going to be home that evening as usual. Youre going to make this interview as early as you can, since it will give you time to take advantage of this free time the program has to offer. You get to the school, and they tell you to wait at the front office while they check to see if there are any other applicants there. After about 20 minutes, you get an automated message through your phone saying that your name is out of the queue. Oh well, thats okay, you think to yourself. You go back into the wait room a few minutes later and find that the line has moved on to a different part of the building. You see that its at the front of the building, meaning whoever is at the front of the line isnt you. You go on to wait in a less-crowded area of the waiting room, and eventually youre placed in a line thats about a row behind the other applicants. You try not to think about it too much while you wait.

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