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You are silent, which causes Audrey to be even more annoyed with you. Its probably going to be some guy with long hair and a beard. Well, I dunno if you remember me, but I think you met me once before. Yeah, I think of you as the nerdy one of the group. Not really, I think of you as the sweet one of the group. M not going to hold it against you. I just figured I should give you the chance to get it right at least. You just going to sit on your ass and watch. You leave Audrey and walk to the vending machine to get yourself a drink. Once there, you open up the bottle and start downing it, looking around the place. You say rubbing your face with one hand. Ve really been enjoying these machines. S still some charm to them too. I mean maybe this place was once a place of entertainment. Well like some kind of place where people could gather to drink, gamble, etc. Yeah, I think those kinds of places could be found in almost any town in the Wasteland. I mean where else do you congregate to do those.

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